The Worlds Healthiest Breakfast

Add the following high protein foods or supplements to your bowl of TeeChia to boost the protein content:

Animal Origin:

½ cup Greek yogurt = 10-15g protein
1 soft boiled or poached egg = 6g protein (yummy over Cranberry Cinnamon!)

Nuts & Seeds:

1 rounded Tbsp (10g) ground chia seeds = 3.1g
1 rounded Tbsp (10g) pumpkin seeds = 3.0g
1 rounded Tbsp (10g) pistachios, dry roasted = 2.6g
1 rounded Tbsp (10g) diced almonds, dry roasted = 2.1g
1 rounded Tbsp (10g) sunflower seeds = 2.1g
1 rounded Tbsp (10g) cashew pieces, raw = 1.8g
1 rounded Tbsp (10g) diced walnuts, raw = 1.5g
1 rounded Tbsp (10g) hazelnuts, raw = 1.5g
1 rounded Tbsp (10g) pine nuts = 1.4g
1 rounded Tbsp (10g) diced pecans, raw = 0.9g


1 scoop whey protein powder (vanilla or unflavored)= 18g – 25g
1 scoop hemp protein powder = 15g

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